Former Soldier Tattoo 223 Real Name Friend of The Fall On Battlefield

A former British soldier named Shaun Clark gave up his body filled with tattoos writing the names of his fellow soldiers who were killed on the battlefield in Afghanistan. As we all know England with several countries in command of American troops to fight Taliban regime in Afghanistan. But lately the victim of the American ally continued to fall was broken by the Taliban insurgency.

Shaun Clark tattoos and body with a friend 223 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Shaun Clark realize how very sad family who left behind dead soldiers and for all, how he felt the families lost their loved ones died as heroes for them. For that Clark wanted to keep trying to remember his friends forever in a way mentattokan 233 names of British soldiers in tubuhnya.Lebih than 4 hours of time spent that much name tattooed on his body.

Whoever does not want to lose the relatives of the war effort, not just the fallen British soldiers leave the family, but also the rebels Talibanpun certainly do not want to fall and break with his family instead? Then why war? The conflict in Afghanistan is leading to opposition factions who were there. However, because the Taliban are not favored by the western countries then they help the government in power there (the puppet government formed by the United Cs) to finish off the Taliban regime.

It must be admitted was not easy to break the Taliban insurgency. Western Army was very much a fall there. Maybe it’s time for America and its allies do not interfere in the affairs of other countries, let them negotiate and resolve their own conflicts and disputes in their own way.


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