What Google AdSense Is?

I. Introduction 

Adsense is one of Google’s services. AdSense is engaged in online advertising. AdSense as an online advertising agency. If the ad takes the media, like magazines and newspapers, you are the owner of these media. Therefore, the main requirements to earn revenue from Google AdSense is to have a website. 

Currently Google AdSense has become an epidemic throughout the virtual world. And almost all of website or blog publish this ‘ads by google’.

To following the Google AdSense program, you don’t require any cost. Even the publisher (it means you) had a chance to earn money from AdSense.

Publisher are those (who have a website or blog) that provides some spaces on the page or blog to occupied advertiser’s ad.

II. AdSense

This program has started since March 2003. And AdSense is a business that i recommend. Because companies like Google will not disappoint you if you are serious in this business. And many people had earn a lot of money from Google.

This program called the CPC (Cost Per Click) program.

All you have to do is have a website or blog. That’s the main requirement.
And make your website or blog interesting as possible, so.. many people will visit your blog.

There are several reasons people choose Google AdSense :

  • Ad will appear in accordance with the keyword
  • Publisher can filter out unwanted ads
  • Google AdSense offers convenience and speed
  • Publisher can place adsense ads on a blog or other website without having to re-register

I’ll explain in a simple way of doing business in Adsense.

You make a website or blog, register to adsense, place the ads, and get the money.

Preparations to apply AdSense.

Have a website or blog. Named your blog in english language, then fill the articles in english too or the language which is supported by AdSense.
Sites that display Google Ads may not include :

  • Violence, racism
  • Pornography content
  • Hacking content
  • Drugs
  • Gambling content
  • Weapons promotions
  • Beer or alcohol promotions
  • Tobacco promotion
  • Imitation branded goods promotion
  • Other content that is illegal or violates party’s legal rights

If you want to create a free blog, you can use the blogspot.com because this blog belongs to Google and for email you can use gmail.com so you can easily handle AdSense.

III. Sign Up to Adsense
Visit http://www.google.com/adsense.
Clik sign up, and then fill the form.
Use the name according to your identity card.
Street address, city, province, zip code, and country must be registered with a valid information!
The data that has been inputted at the time of registration can still be changed.

Do not apply AdSense on a public computer, because if you register and then approved by Google and other people who use that computer, do click on your web or blog, the ad will be considered as invalid click, and your account will be deleted by Google.

To know you’ve been accepted or not by Google, open your email. If there is an email from Google with the subject ‘Welcome to Google AdSense’ it shows you have your AdSense now.

If you’re are rejected, you can still sign up again with a new website or blog or fix your old blog with more content.

Once you have been approved, log in to your AdSense account, then you can get the adsense code by clicking adsense configuration (adsense setup) –> get the ads (get ads).
Select the type of advertising, such as adsense for content. This type of ad has a choice of text, images, and link units. It’s up to all of your choice.
You can also choose the color variations, and the desired style angle, all that’s up to your choice.

When the format options, color and angles for the desired color will be used for a particular channel, click add new channels. If not, leave it blank, and then click continue.
Click submit and get code.
Copy the code (script) and then paste the ads that appear on web pages.

IV. Earning

Your income on this AdSense program could not ascertained. Because this all depends on how many visitors on your website or blog and how many clicks made by visitors.
Some things that you should consider it :

  • Invalid clicks

What is meant by an invalid clicks? Because your income based on the number of ads that are clicked by a visitor, you do not think to click your own ads. Do no ever do this!! Because this is considered as a cheating. And Google AdSense will close your account.

  • Mutual clicking on ads

I suggest you do not get someone else to click on each other ad. The advertisers really do not like this way, they want their ads seen by people who really need it. If you want to take a risks, be prepared for your dismissal letter from AdSense.

  • There was a click, but not money

If you find there are reports click activity but does not generate money, and there’s a chances it is an invalid click activity. If you suspect this invalid activity, immediately report to AdSense, so that your account was not closed by AdSense.

When you start get paid?

Google AdSense will start sending you a money when your income reaches $100 in any month. After your income reaches $10 for the first time, you’ll get a PIN from Google, and this PIN must be input to Adsense site.
After submit the PIN, and if your income has reached $100, Google will soon send a check for you.
Bring the check along with your identity card, and go to the bank which receive checks from outside.

V. Others

  • The requirements applying to AdSense is at least 18 years old
  • Publisher are not allowed to have more than one account
  • One address only applicable to one account
  • You don’t have to pay anything to join AdSense

Good Luck and Hopefully Useful!
I will continue update any information about AdSense.

Tips to increase the blog traffic!

1. Register your blog to the search engine
2. SEO & PPC.

SEO is the way you used to capture the attention of search engines, the goal is to put your blog on the main page search.
PPC is an advertising which is paid from the count every time your ad is clicked.

3. Link exchange


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