January 13, 2011

Tongue Tattoo

January 13, 2011

Tattoo and Piercing

In modern times, the various modes that marked “the modern-an, ‘very loved people, especially by adolescents and young metropolis. Much of what actually is seasonal but a lifelong scars quite interested, among others, tattoos, piercings (piercing) or implant (embed something in a particular body part). Here are the results of research on tattoos and piercings and its effect on health.

Research on the piercing or body piercing is still very new to be able to conclude the effects on health, but the doctors are very worried about the effect that arises in the future. Moreover, body piercing is a rapidly growing industry but not yet regulated by law, praktisinyapun not have to meet any conditions that should be given by the authorities. Health departments also have to list this peninidikan industrial development.

Body piercing this expertise (including tattoos) studied after an internship for one or two years only; there is no school for this. Are body piercing would eventually be a time bomb, has not been established until several years into the future. In using the tattoo and body piercing, there is no sign of transmission of hepatitis B or C for 10 years. Any invasive procedures that injure the skin in a state that is not sterile and is not done with sterile equipment, and the room is not sterile, it is feared will carry pathogens that brought blood. It is very difficult to move around, but most likely it could happen. How big is the risk of infection depends on how sterile equipment is used and how much concern for people who do it against cuts caused.17-tatoinsertTattoo ink made from dyes containing various kinds of metal, which produces a specific color (eg red color made from cinnabar) which is used everywhere to make a tattoo on the arm or buttocks. Concerns about negative effects on the health of tattoo ink is not without reason, although until now there has been no documentation of cancer due to tattoos or ink, is known in medical literature of allergic reactions. Especially ink containing yellow and red color, could spur the emergence Algeri. In extremely rare cases, there was a non-allergic immune reactions in some kind of tattoo dyes. In addition, the tattoo and the ink does not cause cancer, but the dark tattoo ink can cause melanoma (skin cancer) are difficult to identify. The use of India ink to draw tattoos on the body is safe, has never been reported to cause cancer or adverse effects on health.

Perhaps the most cause health problems is a dirty tattoo needle, or it could be because the studio tatoonya not clean. If in future you want to tattoo your body, learn tips first to look for tattoo artists and sanggarnya good and clean.

Tattoos or body piercing in the nose is now no longer at risk of harm the health, but the side effects that occur can be very painful, permanent, and not fun.

Diperesentasikan slideshow of the annual meeting of the International Association of Physicians Skin was not fun. Infections such as black spots surrounded by patches of bright silvery color. Pierced eyebrow pale greenish, and left behind a rash of small permanent permanently tattooed are not permanent though. Results from the manufacture of tattoo or piercing that is not managed well can cause allergic reactions, wrinkles, scarring, or even illnesses such as hepatitis B or C.

Although there are various consequences, many young people continue to be interested in body piercing or tattoos to express themselves and to follow fashion. Not all tattoo and piercing problems. Can be problematic if they lack information about the risks, and ways of safety and qualifications of those who operate the equipment shooter piercing and tattoo needles are big and berrongga. One result that many tattoos happen is the emergence of keloids or scar tissue.

The black color is often used, usually for durable added coffee powder, charcoal or a large number of PPD, a chemical commonly used in hair dye, underwear and socks. Those who react in a negative way often end up by going to a dermatologist, and sometimes become more vulnerable to other skin disorders.